The first day of our trip was very busy as well as entertaining. We-the 9th graders- left for Venice on Friday, September 29th, at about 3 in the morning. The drive was very long, so we had plenty of time to rest and talk to each other. Our arrival to Venice took place at 7:30AM. We settled on our plane and took off for London at about 10AM.

We arrived at noon and went to the hotel to drop off our things. Then we took the train to King’s Cross station, where we saw the famous Harry Potter Shop at platform 9 ¾ . From there on, we took the subway to Camden

Town. The look of different and unique buildings and shops really fascinated us. We had a stroll down the market to enjoy the artistic site. Afterwards, we visited the famed London Eye, on which we saw the most charming views of London.

After dinner, we had a glimpse of London at night, which was absolutely stunning. At last we took in the appealing look of China Town. It was truly an amazing site to see, especially since it boasts buildings with traditional Chinese structure and streets which are decorated with Chinese symbols such as dragons and lanterns.

Jana Molek, 9. a

On the second day of our trip we went to The Houses of Parliament where our English speaking guide Rob was waiting for us. With him we saw the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and other famous places. Then we went to Downing Street 10 also known as the house of the English Prime Minister. Many guards are there keeping him safe, two of them were even on horses and we took pictures with them. Rob also took us to the St. James’ park that leads to the Buckingham Palace and there we saw squirrels, geese, ducks and lots of birds. At the Trafalgar Square we saw the statue dedicated to admiral Nelson who beat Napoleon. The most beautiful international works of art are exhibited in the National Gallery. On all of our stops Rob gave us some questions and as rewards we got chocolates. We visited the Covent Garden, but had to leave quickly because a boat was waiting to give us a tour on the river Thames. The guide there was also very funny and friendly like Rob and he told us a lot of facts about the buildings surrounding us. After we said goodbye to both of the guides, we got to the most awaited location of the day museum-Madame Tussauds. It was a very pleasing experience but the hunger got to us so we had dinner at Pizza Hut and the food there was amazing. Our last stop was the West End where many of us went shopping at Hamley´s. At the end of the day, we returned back to the hotel and quickly went to sleep.

Klara Kraševec, 9. b

On the first of October we went to the British Museum! We saw multiple artifacts from different cultures around the world, for example mummies, Greek and Roman artifacts… We also visited Picadilly Circus, a square famous for its neon signs and different displays. We were also given some free time to visit some shops and to eat. After all of that we finally went to the airport. The plane left at 6 pm (GMT+1) and arrived at 9 pm (CEST).
The bus arrived at 3 am in the night, so it was quite a long trip.

Luka Nemanič, 9. a