At 9:00 o’clock we went in Ljubljana and when we arrived we wait 15 minutes. And after 15 minutes Dracula started. The show was about a man who had to go to Dracula by car because the plane was canceled. And he need to show some plans, but Dracula bite him and he started to be mean person. At the end his friend killed Dracula and he started to be a normal person. The show ended after one hour and thirty minutes. I liked this show because it was a little bit fun and scary when the lights turn off. And i also liked this show because it was in English language so i probably teach  some new words. Then we went to BTC city. We were there one hour and half. We went eat and shopping. The trip to Metlika was so fun, we listened to music and talked with our friends.

On the 1st of February we went to Ljubljana to watch a performance called Dracula. It is about a vampire lord who wants to take away our life force and blood to make everything his and receive immortality and power on Earth. The story starts with a businessman Jonathan who visits Dracula’s castle in hope of making an agreement with him for better life, since he has a lot of money. Dracula then turns Jonathan into a monster. His boss, Lucy, is the one Dracula wants to turn to his advantage and he makes her change her mind, not wanting to help earth anymore, but hurt it. In the end, Jonathan’s girlfrend, Mina is the one who drags Dracula, with the help of his selfishness and the sun, to his death. But everything ends when Mina also gets killed by previously turned Lucy.

The actors who played in this play did an incredible job, showing and improvising things that were happening in the story making it pleasant to watch while also answering a lot about natural environment of earth and Climate Change.

The one thing this story has in common with the play we went watching on the 17th of January called Alice in wonderland is that they were both fictions. Characters in it weren’t real. Dracula is just a mythical creature and everyone in play Alice in Wonderland were just creation of Alices imagination.

The story is about Alice who is lead to a new world by a mysteriously dressed bunny, where she has a lot of adventures, starring a big cat, mean queen, witches and so on. Story ends with her waking up in a normal world where everything began.

Other than fiction was that this play was performed by amazing actors and students from English Student Theater II. High school Maribor, and the play Dracula was performed by also incredible actors from TNTtheatre which started its tours in Britain and later shifting its focus to international touring.