On Friday the 13th came to our school a special guest from Scotland. His name was Simon Johnston. The surname Johnston is a Scottish traditional name. Simon has 41 years and has no children. He comes from Edinburgh. His profession is a police officer and he is doing his job for 2 years now. He is living in the oldest city in Scotland. It has around 600 000 people.

When he came to our school, everyone was looking just at him because he was wearing a traditional Scottish uniform and he showed us his kilt. Simon said that every family has a different pattern and colour of the kilt.

He is a huge soccer fan since he was a baby. He is also a member of the Tartan Army. This is a name given to the fans of the Scottish national football team. They raise money and when they go to a foreign country, the Tartan Army give the money to hospitals and projects. They gave also 5000 € to Botrstvo project.

Rugby and golf are next to soccer, popular sports too. Golf was invented in Scotland.

I asked Simon if he likes Slovenian food and of course, he said yes! He has been to Slovenia already six times.

After all the questions and interesting answers, we took together a beautiful photo and we had to go to our next lesson on our timetable.

Julia Kočevar, 9. a